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OATH/ Court Hearings

When you receive an actual summons, you will be given a hearing date. For most violations you can just respond to the back and pay the fine if you know that you are guilty. We never recommend this, as it is the concerted effort of all NYC facilities to fight these violations and push back whenever and wherever violations are not justified (see our Summons Removal Request Forms for more detail).

Before you go to your hearing:

  • Have your compliance expert review your summons and supporting documents
  • Upload documents to the NYC port within compliance time allowed
  • Bring all documentation and your plan and log binder to the hearing

At the Hearing:

  • When called, you will be sworn in a must tell the truth
  • They will review summons one by one possibly with someone from the DOH on the video camera
  • The court officer will submit documents via scanner to the DOH and verify compliance or non-compliance
  • Once completed, they may ask you to sign the exhibit documents
  • You will not be given a decision on summons during the hearing but you will get a general idea of how many will be removed
  • You will hear from the oath department within 30 days and you will need to pay fine which were not excused at that time.