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Cooling Towers

Today, Cooling Towers are regulated by the Department of Health of both NYC and NY State.  These are the entities that wrote the law based on the ASHRAE 188 guidelines which were published in July 2015, literally one month prior to NYC’s worst outbreak of Legionella.

These regulations force building owners to designate responsible people (usually and employee of the management company or owner) and hire a qualified individual compliance company, consultant, water treatment company, or environmental engineer etc. to write a water management plan for the each and every cooling tower at every facility they own follow it and comply.  The building owner must also hire a competent water treatment company which uses automatic water treatment to properly protect the cooling tower system from Legionella, bacteria, algae, scale, corrosion dirt and debris.  The owner is also responsible for proper maintenance of this system, cooling tower, water and all HVAC equipment associated.

Tenant Owned Cooling Towers

Tenants that own cooling towers are held to the same strict regulation as building owners.  However, if the tenant fails to comply all responsibility shifts to the owner of the facility and it is the owners responsibility to force the tenant to comply or comply for them.