While there are many parts to the New York State and City Cooling Tower Laws, the following is an abbreviated list containing some of the major requirements necessary to be compliant:

  1. Register all existing and new cooling towers with the New York City Cooling Tower Registration and the New York State Cooling Tower Registration
  2. Securely affix the New York City Department of Buildings Cooling Tower Registration Number to the outside of each cooling tower/evaporative condenser in a clearly visible location. You should have one number per cooling tower system on your property.
  3. Test each cooling tower for Legionella every at least once every 90 days by a qualified person onsite.
  4. Perform daily and weekly monitoring of chemical treatments, water quality, and microbial monitoring. All findings should be recorded and kept to present to Inspectors from the Department of Health and Buildings.
  5. Develop and follow a Cooling Tower Maintenance Program & Plan (MPP) in line with the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE 188-2015) Standard. This plan is NOT optional and needs to be developed and managed by an onsite “qualified person” as defined by the City of New York. A qualified person for the purpose of this definition is a New York State-licensed and registered professional engineer; a certified industrial hygienist; a certified water technologist with training and experience developing maintenance plans and performing inspections in accordance with current standard industry protocols including, but not limited to ANSI/ASHRAE 188-2015; or an environmental consultant with at least two years of operation experience in water management planning and operation.
  6. Annually certify that cooling towers were inspected, tested, cleaned, and disinfected as required by Local Law 77, New York City Chapter 8 Rules, and New York State’s Emergency Regulations.
  7. If a cooling tower is shut down without water treatment or recirculation for longer than 5 days, the tower must be cleaned, drained, and disinfected before use.
  8. All records of cleanings and treatments must be kept for three years.
  9. Perform inspections with a qualified person every 90 days the tower is in use.
  10. Conduct a yearly Compliance Inspection and submit the findings to the City through the online cooling tower portal.

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