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Legionella Disinfection Protocol

In response to positive Legionella sampling results, legionella remediation short and long term management plans are custom designed to significantly reduce the risk of Legionella in the domestic water systems of a building or complex.

If you have received positive Legionella sampling results, and an Order of the Commissioner letter from the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYC DOHMH), we are here to help. Working with you and the New York City Deportment of Health, we prepare and submit for approval the required Short Term Legionella Remediation Plan and the Long Term Legionella Remediation Plan.We will help you in finding the right remediation company to assist you

The short-term Legionella remediation plan describes the methods and corrective actions for significantly reducing the risks of Legionella in your building’s cooling tower.

The long term Legionella remediation plan describes the water system management and the ongoing operation methods for controlling and monitoring the growth of Legionella in your building’s cooling tower systems.