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Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities are the most heavily regulated. Whether you are a hospital or a care unity where patients stay overnight, you are considered in the healthcare industry. Nearly 80% of all legionella cases affect the very young (younger than 5 years old) and older population (50 years and older). The immunocompromised and individuals leading lifestyles – smokers or anyone having lung deficiency. Not only must they follow New York and New York City guidelines for cooling towers, but they also must follow a domestic water protocol which consists

  • Environmental Assesment
  • Full Analysis for the first year
  • Response times and actions
  • Protocols whenever construction or repairs take place

Further more CMS funding (funding for medicare and Medicaid) can and will be withheld forcing these businesses into financial ruin without proper protocols, water management plans, testing and training. CMS will require proof and full compliance in order to stay in good standing.

Protect Your Healthcare Facility and Patients with Legionella Water Testing & Remediation

NYC Healthcare facilities are mandated by New York City and the State to protect their patients and staff from legionella. Legionella Compliance Solutions utilizes the most effective prevention and remediation methods to safeguard your  healthcare facility’s domestic water system.

Legionella Compliance Solutions utilizes the most effective legionella prevention and disinfection methods using a non-chlorine based process.

Our services include:

  • Legionella sampling
  • Legionella remediation plan