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Commercial buildings

Commercial and residential properties in New York are required by local law 77 and chapter & Title 24 to protect their facilities against legionella in relation to cooling tower system regulations specifically instructing the facility to designate owners, qualified and responsible owners. The development of a water management plan, routine test, and validation confirm that the system is being watched properly and following ASHRAE 188 and 12-2000 standards and procedures.  All other water systems are part of ASHRAE 188 but not yet subject to this law and legionella compliance.

Critical Cooling/Data Centers

If these systems are located within the limits of New York State, you will be subject to the same requirements as commercial & residential properties. If the crtical systems falls within the five boroughs of New York City, the increased regulations apply as well. Data centers are even more difficult to adhere to these regulations due to the redundant nature of these type of systems.

Legionella Testing & Remediation for Commercial Industries in New York City

New York City and New York State are widely known for their strictly regulated legionella testing and inspection processes, many of which were developed in reponse to multiple legionella outbreaks in the Bronx in 2015 and as recently as 2018. As a result of these outbreaks, the city and state strictly enforce inspection and testing for legionella bacteria in water towers throughout New York City. Proper commercial cooling tower legionella testing and development of mandated maintenance plans can only be done by a qualified professional with a 7G category license. Legionella Compliance Solutions is the ONLY independent legionella testing company in New York City.

Protecting Your Business from Legionella in NYC

Maintaining strict cooling tower compliance, including implementing a New York State and City mandated preventative maintenance plan for your cooling tower and domestic water systems, protects your occupants and your business. Avoiding the risk of legionella infection saves you downtime that can hurt your bottom line and your brand.

Custom Maintenance Plans for Legionella Compliance & Testing

Commercial spaces differ significantly from residential spaces and we understand that at Legionella compliance Solutions. We’ll develop custom treatment plans for your commercial water systems  along with custom maintenance plans and independent legionella testing to best protect you from risk and liability.