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Compliance for Your Industry

The industries we currently serve are:

  • Commercial Properties
  • Residential Properties
  • Critical Cooling/Data Centers
  • Retirement without healthcare
  • Retirement with healthcare
  • Healthcare
  • Light Industrial
  • Heavy Industrial
  • Individual Home

Legionella Compliance for NYS & NYC

New York State and more specifically, New York City, is widely regarded as having some of the most regulated legionella testing and prevention laws in the county. As a result, proper cooling tower legionella testing, mandated maintenance plans, and fast remediation can only be done by a qualified professional with a 7G category license. Legionella Compliance Solutions works with a number of high profile retail stores, restaurants, corporate offices and other commercial and residential buildings across the city to help you stay compliant and avoid steep fines.

Legionella Water Testing & Remediation for Commercial Buildings in New York City

Maintaining strict cooling tower compliance, including the implementation of  a New York State and City mandated preventive maintenance plan for your cooling tower and domestic water systems, helps protect your building’s occupants and most importantly, your business. Avoiding the risk of legionella infection saves your business and facility downtime that can hurt your bottom line and also avoid bad publicity that often follows widely publicized legionella outbreaks that can negatively affect your brand.

Custom Maintenance Plan for Legionella Compliance & Testing

Legionella Compliance Solutions will inspect your cooling tower and domestic water systems to develop a custom maintenance plan that’s best suited for your building and property, whether its residential, commercial, new construction or renovation in NYC. Our experts will develop a customized plan to help best protect your facility from risk and liability. Taking proactive measures against legionella growth in your facility saves you time and money, while keeping your building occupants safe and healthy.

Mitigate risk and liability with the the most experienced an responsive independent legionella experts in New York metro area at Legionella Compliance Solutions. Call us to schedule a FREE consultation today!