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Understanding Legionella & Legionnaires’ Disease

15 Jan, 2020

The insidious bacteria known as legionella has established a notorious reputation in recent history. Since the late 70s, when it was discovered, we’ve grown to understand that Legionnaires’ disease affects anywhere from 8,000 to 18,000 people a year. Although this statistic may be surprising to some, professionals in the water treatment industry know just how […]

4 Steps for Defending Against Legionella

16 Dec, 2019

Legionella is a tough pest to handle. It poses a serious threat to businesses, especially in the great New York City area. Without proper guidance, it can be difficult to stay ahead of rapidly evolving legislation and prevention strategies. Read on for some essential tactics for defending your business again Legionella courtesy of the professionals […]

10 Facts About Legionella

05 Nov, 2019

Two different illnesses are caused by Legionella bacteria – Legionnaires’ disease and Pontiac fever Legionella bacteria are usually found in water. Legionnaires’ disease got its name from a 1976 outbreak at an American Legion convention in Philadelphia. About one in 10 people who gets sick from Legionnaires’ disease will die. Legionella occurs naturally in fresh water […]

One Dead Following Suspected Legionella Outbreak in Atlanta Hotel

09 Aug, 2019

A Decatur woman is dead following a suspected Legionella outbreak at the Sheraton hotel in Atlanta. Nearly a month after her death, health authorities have confirmed that Cameo Garrett of Decatur succumbed to heart disease aggravated by Legionnaires’ disease that might have been contracted at the Atlanta hotel.  The suspected outbreak at the Atlanta hotel could […]

11 Former Guests of Atlanta Hotel Diagnosed with Legionnaires’ Disease – 55 Probable Cases Linked

01 Aug, 2019

ATLANTA, GA – Eleven former guests of the prominent Sheraton Hotel in Atlanta have now been diagnosed with Legionnaires’ disease after coming into contact with the bacteria on hotel facilities. According to officials, an additional 55 probable cases have been linked to the same outbreak. Nancy Nydam, communications director at the Georgia Department of Public […]

Two Senior Living Residents Test Positive for Legionella Bacteria

15 Jul, 2019

Fulton, MO – Two senior residents tested positive for the Legionella Bacteria at Fulton Presbyterian Manor. According to Callaway County Health Department Administrator Sharon Lynch, the source of the bacteria has not been determined yet A joint investigation is currently being held by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, Callaway County Health Department […]

Belgium Legionnaires’ Outbreak Reaches 29 cases

15 Jun, 2019

An ongoing Legionnaires’ outbreak in Flanders, Belgium has reached 29 cases. Of the 29 patients infected, 17 have been hospitalized, four remain in intensive care, and two have died as a result of the disease. The 17 companies that were involved in the initial investigation have completed the disinfection of their cooling towers in the […]

Three Confirmed Cases of Legionnaires’ Disease in Clark as Officials Investigate Possible Outbreak

01 Jun, 2019

CLARK, NJ – Three cases of Legionnaires’ disease have been confirmed by Mayor Sal Bonaccorso in Clark. Totalling 22 confirmed cases in Union County in the past few months that have lead to a total of five deaths so far. Clark Health Officer Nancy Raymond states that these cases should not cause serious concerns for […]

5 Deaths Union County Legionnaires Disease Cluster

24 May, 2019

NJ officials say they are aware of 22 confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ disease in the cluster. The state Department of Health has identified a cluster of 22 Legionnaires’ disease cases in New Jersey. Five deaths have been reported. DOH officials say they are aware of 22 confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ disease in individuals who reside […]

Suspected Legionnaires’ Outbreak at Newark Senior Apartment Building

08 May, 2019

Newark, NJ – Newark health officials are currently investigating a suspected outbreak of Legionnaires disease in a senior citizen building. Currently, three cases of the disease have been confirmed. Legionnaires disease is a serious form of pneumonia caused by exposure to the Legionella bacteria. Symptoms of Legionnaires disease include: cough, fever, chills, shortness of breath, […]