NYC’s First & Only Exclusive Legionella Compliance & Testing Company


About Legionella Compliance Services

What is LCS?

LCS is the only standalone legionella compliance company in the New York City Metropolitan Area dedicated solely to managing and ensuring sites abiding by Local Law 77 and/or NYS Department of Health Cooling Tower Guidelines. Legionella Compliance Solutions will help you meet and/or exceed the mandated protocols set forth by these departments to eliminate and reduce public health risks relating to cooling towers.

What does LCS do?

LCS focuses exclusively on legionella compliance and administering cooling tower water management guidelines in accordance with appropriate local and state regulations and deadlines. We help by ensuring all required documentation is organized in the correct format so that your facility is prepared for annual and periodic Department of Health inspections.

Legionella Compliance Solutions performs the following services throughout New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania:

  • 90 Day Legionella Testing
  • 90 Day Tower Inspection
  • Water Management Plan
  • Quarterly WMP and Testing Log Review
  • Annual Cooling Tower Certification
  • NYC and NYS Portal Uploading of required documents.
  • Violation Review, Support, and removal
  • Violation Representation if requested
  • Extensive Online and Onsite Training
  • Document Portal for easy access to required documents

What is LCS not?

Legionella Compliance Solutions is not a water treatment company, chemical treatment company, environmental law firm, or a water treatment consultant. Instead, LCS was designed to work with your existing water treatment company to validate all legionella compliance related services, testing, inspections, and required documentation needed to comply with Local Law 77 and NYS DOH Cooling Tower Guidelines.

Why LCS?

As legionella related incidents continue to affect New York City and New York State, there is a strong possibility that Local Law 77 and NYS DOH Cooling Tower Guidelines will require an independent firm to validate the cooling tower water treatment program and Legionella water management plan. This could potentially mean that your current water treatment company will not be able to validate their own legionella services, effectively creating a void in your current water treatment program. LCS was created to fill that gap by becoming the first and only independent legionella compliance company in the greater New York Metro Area. By being proactive and choosing LCS to independently validate your water treatment program you can stay ahead of the curve and avoid having to scramble when regulations are modified.

Benefits of using LCS over Water Treatments Companies and Water Treatment Consultants.

LCS will allot all contracted time to focus specifically on compliance related issues as well as drafting, collecting and organizing all time sensitive documentation that is required and requested by the DOH in order to minimize and eliminate violations.

LCS are New York’s leading compliance experts in Local Law 77 and NYS cooling tower guidelines. Each LCS compliance specialist possesses the training, skills, and information needed to adhere to fine details required by the DOH in order to avoid costly violations.

LCS will extensively train your onsite staff and any other member of your water management team in order to better understand, prepare, and facilitate the building’s responsibilities under Local Law 77 and NYS Cooling Tower Guidelines.

Working directly with your current water treatment provider LCS will verify chemical treatment programs and testing procedures to ensure the standards required by Local Law 77 and NYS Cooling Tower Guidelines are met and exceeded. More importantly, should a positive test occur, our team will work directly with your onsite personnel to develop appropriate remediation and disinfection plans.

The LCS water management plan is designed in the approved format of the NYC/NYS DOH making it easy for inspectors to find what they need and move on to the next site. Our state of the art online training portal will allow the responsible person and other staff members at your facility to train at their own pace and reinforce their knowledge and skills from prior training sessions.

On, the LCS document portal allows clients to have 24/7 access to all time sensitive documents required by Local Law 77 and NYS Cooling Tower Guidelines, allowing operators on site to produce these critical documents on demand should they be requested by the DOH during an inspection. LCS can also perform portal uploading of all required documentation prior to deadlines set forth by Local Law 77 and NYS Cooling Tower Guidelines.

LCS will inspect and conduct a comprehensive risk assessment in relation to the cooling tower system and outline potential areas of high risk that could create cause for concern for both those in direct contact with the cooling tower and the general public health issues that may arise.

LCS will work directly with your site supervisor should any violations occur.