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4 Steps for Defending Against Legionella

Legionella is a tough pest to handle. It poses a serious threat to businesses, especially in the great New York City area. Without proper guidance, it can be difficult to stay ahead of rapidly evolving legislation and prevention strategies. Read on for some essential tactics for defending your business again Legionella courtesy of the professionals at Legionella Compliance Solutions.

Take care with warm water

Legionella grows most aggressively in warm water, which is unfortunately also the hardest temperature to keep saturated with chlorine and other disinfecting solutions. As such, it is crucial to regularly inspect and clean any warm water aspects of your business, as well as closely monitoring your disinfectant levels.

Follow manufacturer instructions on cleaning and maintenance

All water systems have manufacturer recommended cleaning and maintenance processes, and these should be followed to the letter. In addition to following manufacturer instructions, consider the frequency of usage of your systems. If your business requires particularly heavy usage of water systems, you should contact Legionella Compliance Solutions to learn how you might need to adjust the suggested maintenance procedures to the wear and tear of your business.

Be aware of surrounding businesses and their water systems

Especially for New York City locations, businesses should stay aware of the water usage of their neighbors. Since many NYC businesses are squeezed in above, below, and around each other, the risk of water contamination crossing between businesses and buildings is higher than in rural or suburban areas. If you hear of legionella trouble regarding a business nearby yours, be on alert and immediately run an audit on your water treatment systems. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially in the close quarters of NYC.

Consider regular audits and processes to stay up to date on regulations

Legionella Compliance Solutions understands how tough it can be to stay ahead of changing legislation surrounding legionella. The dangers of Legionnaire’s disease are evolving and changing constantly, and NYC regulations can be costly and damaging to your business. You might think you are safe if you do your diligence and maintain your water systems well, but there are hidden risks involved in paperwork and procedural elements that are also regulated. To avoid being punished for poor paperwork, contact Legionella Compliance Solutions at (212) 804-8552 to learn more.